This is a photo archive of the Gloucestershire road running and cross country races from times past!
I especially thank Martin Milward and Pam Storey for providing many of the pictures that show here.
Enjoy and I would appreciate all feedback and additional photos you may like to share. Dave McNamee.

Martin Daykin of Gloucester AC running the Inter Counties cross country(19 Jan 1980). Martin was more famously known for his long starred career and GB records in ultra distance, particularly 100k and upwards !

Steve McHale of Gloucester AC running the Inter Counties cross country (undated).

Martin Daykin of Gloucester AC running the Glos 100 Miles on Saturday 11 April 1981. Martin is escorted by wife Liz in support. Martin won the race in 12h 16m 46s.

Dave Dowdle of Gloucester AC running the Glos 100 Miles on 11/04/1981. Dave was 2nd in this race in a time of 12h 17m 09s. The route was 10 laps around Forthampton, Chaceley, Tirley and Corse Lawn and centred on the Lower Lode Hotel in Forthampton.

Chris O'Carroll of Gloucester AC running the Glos 100 Miles (11/04/1981.

Glos AC team of the 1980s display their ultra distance running trophies. L to R Martin Daykin, Dave Dowdle, Ken Leyshon, Chris O'Carroll

The start of a race from Gloucester Park in 1979 (a May Day race). From the left I recognise Tony Stanton (beard), Pete Game just behind, Tim Beckett (County vest) then a whole host of Gloucester AC runners including a younger Chris O'Carroll and Mark Robinson at far right!

Norman Wilson (Bourton RR)leads the pack in the Cheltenham Festival road race - 1980s. Around Norman are Dave Parsons 382 (Oxford City), Roger Hadrell (Chelt) and Dave Wheeler (Oxford) just hidden.

Norman Wilson (Bourton RR) is first home in the Bream Beer race (sadly now a defunct race !). The race had a very steep uphill finish.

Dave McNamee (Cheltenham) finishing that long uphill in the Bream Beer Race ! (1980s) John Carswell of Cheltenham can just be seen in the distance.

A large field streams from the Mens start at Dursley (CC) in 1986. The club vests seen in this race are much the same range as they still are in todays Gloucestershire CC League !

A selection of runners from another Dursley CC race. Arthur Daley Glos AC in centre. Martin Milward at right. Someone will have to remind me of the other Gloucester runners name in this picture !

A group of runners contests the Bourton 15 mile race in 1986. The Cheltenham runner (with moustache)  I recognise is Dave Catlow who went on to represent England at the marathon in several home internationals.

More runners from the Bourton 15 mile race in 1986. I recognise Bill Weller from Glos AC !

Runners in the Cheltenham Festival 7 race of 1987 (passing the Ladies College!). At the far left I recognise Kevin Jackson (Dursley). From the middle of the picture I see Bill Weller (Glos), Trevor Lewis (Dursley), Dave Buckle (in a Stroud vest!), Martin McGreary (Chelt), Chris Gaunt(Glos) then finally Keith Fowler(Cheltenham).

leading runners in the Cheltenham 10k 1988. Surrounding Martin are Tony Stanton (beard), Dave Catlow (moustache) then Chris Frapwell (Stroud). A little further back, Steve Wheeler of Bourton can just be seen.

Martin and Les Davies (Glos AC) battle it out in the rain in the Churchdown 10 mile 1988

More runners in the Churchdown 10 in 1990. Invariably it was always a very hot day for that race(excepting 1988 above)! Looking from left I can spot Chris Gaunt and Arthur Daley (with Glos vests). The two Cheltenham runners are first Brendan Ward and then Tony Stanton.

Runners in the Gloucester 10 miler 1989 ! From the left I can spot Dave Higgins and Ken Buckle of Cheltenham. In the middle I also remember "mad" Malcolm Davies of Worcester (in yellow vest) who is just behind Tony Stanton of Cheltenham.

Martin finishes the Glos 10M in 1989. Of interest are the officials, I can just see Arthur Birt (timekeeper) and is that Pat Hussey with the board ?

A group of runners go onto another lap of the Glos 10M in 1989

Runners in the Glos. Carnival race of 1984. Is that Bob Sparks of Glos AC ?

Runners line up for the Start in the Glos Carnival 7 (Gloucester Park) in July 1988.

The Stroud Beer race in 1988 with Dave McNamee at extreme left

The start (this time) of the Stroud Beer race in 1988. The start was a long track out from the Minchinhampton pub before it hits the main lap..
You can just see Terry Haines's head at extreme left of picture !

Runners in the Stroud Half Marathon in 1988.

Runners climb the first hill of the Synwell 10 miles in 1988. The race run around Wooton-under-Edge(and sadly no longer with us) claimed to be the "hilliest 10m in the West" ! The two Glos AC front runners are left Dave Ide (emigrated to France) and Mike Smith right. Further back you can just spot Richard Armstrong of Glos AC. Richard was also a course measurer and has since moved to the North Midlands.

The start of the Glos. Half marathon in 1985. The race also had the title of the Carrington Hall half marathon.

Marcus Lee of Cheltenham heads Martin in the Glos 10M of 1988

Runners in the Carrington Hall half marathon 1985. the Glos AC runner could be Dave Spackman ?

Eventual winner of the Carrington Hall Half Mar of 1985,  Alastair Robertson of Glos AC

A Cheltenham 10k race in 1985. The Gloucester runner is Dave Spackman.

Runners circle the Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham before exiting to start a Cheltenham 10k in 1985.

Cheltenham 10k 1985 again. Chris Gaunt is the Gloucester runner but I don't recognise the faces in the Stroud and Dursley vests !

The start of the Churchdown 10 miles in 1985 with at least two runners eyeing up the competition! I spot Dave Catlow (Chelt, with moustache), Dave Hope of Worcester(in middle) and Norman Thomas of Gloucester all there at the start. At the far right I recognise the head of Les Davis (Glos) then Dave Wilson-Evans (in RAF Innsworth vest) who now runs for Swansea !

The Gloucester 18M was a famous race in its day and ran from Gloucester to Cheltenham and back to Gloucester. Ths is the start of the race in 1985.

Another shot fom the Glos 18 on 1985 possibly by Lansdown Castle in Cheltenham. The runner with Martin is Mark Walton (Glos) who went on to run 2h 22m in the London Marathon !

The Gloucester Carnival/Festival race of 1985. I recognise Kevin Willis and Cliff Harker of Cheltenham just left of middle of the picture but I need someone to tell me the name of the runner in the Gloucester vest at right !

the Synwell 10M race of 1985. Martin is running with Dave Dowdle of Gloucester AC who later went on to hold world records at the 24 hours and 48 hours distances.

The finish of the Synwell 10M. It was unusual in that after 9.99 miles of road (steep up and down) you suddenly left the road, down a steep grassy slope to then sprint a few yards to the Finish. Not a Finish that the health and safety assessors would approve of today !

The start of the Stroud Beer race 1985 ! Runners I recognise are Norman Thomas (Glos), Kevin Willis (Chelt), Pete Long (Stroud), Graham Morgan and Andy Nolder( of Dursley), Bill Bratty (Glos) and Chris Ashworth (Dursley). How many other runners do you know ?
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